Aluminum junction plate

Sku: 22006


This set of 2 Aluminum Junction Plates is made for QP-400, QP-427 or QP-427D Aluminum Dock models. Joins 2 Aluminum Stationary Dock sections of the same model in a straight line and allows an adjustment angle depending on the height of the bank on which the start of the dock will rest. Plates simply bolt on using the existing bolts on the leg holders at the dock corners.

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  • Use this connector set to join 2 dock sections of QP-400, QP-427 or QP-427D aluminum docks of the same model in a straight line configuration
  • Aluminum thickness: 1/4 in. hole diameter: 0.63 in.
  • Made from durable, rust-proof aluminium
  • Easily assembles using existing bolts on corner leg-holders of your QP-400 or QP-427 or QP-427D dock
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