Boat ramp kit for craft up to 2500 lbs in blue The Home Depot exclusive

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This Multinautic R-2500 ramp kit allows you to build your own ramp for small boats or personal water craft up to 2500 lbs. Its higher quality rollers allow for an easier lift and will smoothly operate with heavy PWC. Securely beach your boat or PWC on the shore line and prevent any damages to hull or turbine due to sand or rock abrasion. Being secured on the ramp, your PWC or small craft will never rub on, or underneath the dock due to wave action. You can also remove the drain plug of your fishing boat in order to make sure it will not fill with water and sink. Peace of mind for a very small investment.

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  • This 4-set of wheel kit allows for different lengths of boats and PWCs. It’s designed to roll up different hull shapes. Note that wood is not included in this kit but can be bought on See the Assembly Guide on this page for the sizes and quantities
  • The self-adjusting tilting axles and the ribbed wheels will nest the hull without marking it. These axles feature an exclusive system that prevents the wheels to wobble outward the structure, keeping them aligned with the keel roller
  • Kit includes 4 pairs of double rollers, a sturdy winch with a 20 ft webbing strap w/hook, adjustable post kits, protection bumper and keel roller, galvanized steel reinforcement corner and leg holder brackets and all the requested fasteners
  • The posts are stabilized with base plates that let them get through a hole to be pounded in the ground. These plates also keep them from being driven deeper. After installation, ramp inclination can be modified by adjusting the posts in the leg holders
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