One 5′ x 10′ Medium profile Aluminum Floating Dock

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This page presents the 5 ft. x 10 ft. Medium Freeboard Aluminum Floating Dock Kit Model QPF-495 without Cedar Decking, product 21568. With its medium freeboard of roughly 16 in. above water, you will easily board a boat from this dock. With the Multinautic QPF-495 Aluminum Dock Series, it’s easy to reach out to your dream of a dock that fits your needs. This simple Collection lets you combine 5 ft. x 10 ft. dock sections in straight line, side by side or in “L” shape to adjust to your own design. It’s the perfect dock size unit for a light frame assembly that offers a low or a medium freeboard depending on your favorite nautical activities and the specifications of your shoreline. Simply choose Stationary and/or Floating Ensembles with or without Cedar Decking. Each unit is modular, letting you decide of the exact configuration that will suit your precise needs. The combination of 3 or more dock sections in a basic Floating layout (stationary + semi-floating + floating) allows you to moor a boat of up to 25 feet long. Its sleek and unique designed aluminum frame system allows you to insert your mooring cleats (and other accessories) in the top track, without drilling into your decking and relocate them where you want. Decking boards can be assembled as panels to be rapidly removed from the sub frame to lighten manipulations year after year. The included assembly hardware for the frame is all stainless steel or hot dip galvanized.

Product guide

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  • To help you decide what combination is best for your waterfront, have a look at the short Installation Planning Guide. More details can also be found in the Assembly Guide. Both files are available from this web page. Basics are also described below.
  • A Floating dock system must include a Semi-floating ramp that you will create with a Floating kit. Before your Semi-floating ramp, install enough Stationary docks to reach further out to the Floating area in up to 4 ft. of water depth
  • To create your Floating dock layout, transform one Floating dock kit into a Semi-floating dock using only 2 of the 3 supplied floats. Switch the 3rd float to a second Floating dock for a total of 4. All following dock sections will have 3 floats each
  • This medium freeboard floating dock unit comes with three 24 in. L x 60 in. W x 12 in. H foam filled dock floats, with 500 lbs of buoyancy each. Long hexagonal bolts with super-sized flat washers are included for their safe installation.
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