Boat Ramp Kit R-1200 with orange wheels (CAN)

Sku: 19223


This Multinautic Small Boat or PWC Mooring Ramp Kit allows you to assemble a ramp that can support up to 1200 lbs. This ramp will allow you to reliably store your boat or PWC at the shoreline without the risk of rocks or sand damaging your hull or turbine. Also, securely fastened to the ramp, you will prevent it from rubbing on (or under) the dock as the waves move. You can also remove the drain plug of your boat to avoid water accumulation even in case of rain. This kit contains eight (8x) 4″ wheels, a keel roller, a winch and its strap, posts and leg holders to adjust the height of the ramp to your beach and all the steel hardware needed for the assembly (wood sold separately). Don’t leave your boat at the mercy of turbulent waters during strong winds or bad weather.

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  • The perfect DIY project to protect your investment
  • Adjustable posts and base plates to meet your shoreline’s requirements
  • Winch up and roll down your boat or PWC with ease
  • Clear and easy step by step plans
  • Lumber (sold separately)
  • Lifetime warranty hardware, to be used with 2-inch X 6-inch or 2-inch X 8-inch

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