Information on limited warranty

Multi Online Distribution Inc. (hereinafter Multinautic) warrants that its products are free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase by the consumer from an authorized Multinautic dealer (except for steel hardware, foam filled floats and winches, for which a longer period, described below, applies) for normal residential use under normal conditions and for which product has been designed and in accordance with Multinautic’s assembly, installation and use instructions.

Multinautic shall not be liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damages, or for any damages or remedies not expressly provided in this warranty. Multinautic assumes no responsibility for the buyer or otherwise for injury or property damage. Multinautic can not be held responsible, in the event of any damage, exceeding the value of the product. Multinautic makes no express or implied warranties other than those presented herein, including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and warranties will not be extended beyond the term express warranties presented here. This warranty replaces all other warranties that are related or may be provided with any product. This written warranty is the only express or implied warranty made by Multinautic. Some states or provinces do not allow the limitation of incidental or consequential damages or the duration of any implied warranty that the limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and some states or provinces may grant certain other rights.

If you believe that a product is defective during the warranty period, call 450-227-6217 or write to info@multinautic.com to request a Return Authorization Number (RAN). Multinautic reserves the right to request the return of the product for inspection and no return of product will be accepted without prior authorization. You will need to carefully repackage the product, insure it and return it with original proof of purchase, postage paid, to: Multinautic, 2330 Jean-Adam, St-Sauveur, Qc, Canada, J0R 1R2, mentioning the NAR on shipping label. Any product sent without NAR will be rejected and returned to the sender. In its sole discretion, Multinautic will repair, refund or replace the defective product. If a product is repaired or replaced by Multinautic, it will be returned to the consumer at the expense of the consumer. If Multinautic chooses to replace the defective product, the company reserves the right to replace it with another product of the same model or a model comparable in functionality. If Multinautic chooses to reimburse a defective product, the refund can not exceed the amount paid by the customer for that item (including taxes).


This warranty does not apply, without limitation, in case of abuse or misuse of the product, rust, breakage due to excessive pressure or traction or when used or installed without respecting the instructions of Multinautic, in case of normal wear, of an act of god, of negligent use. This limited warranty does not cover any product that has been submitted, without limitation, to abrasion, cutting object, dock transportation, severe thunderstorm, accident, alteration, commercial use, to an inadequate region or area, to vandalism or when bought from a third party other than an authorized Multinautic dealer, or following a repair not authorized by Multinautic.

Limited lifetime warranty on dock hardware

Multinautic guarantees that its galvanized steel hardware for the assembly of wooden docks is guaranteed for life. This warranty is limited to the failure of a weld and does not cover wear due to normal use or exclusions described without limitation, in the “EXCLUSIONS” section of this warranty.

15-year limited warranty on foam filled floats

Subject to the foregoing terms in the “Limited Warranty Information” section set forth immediately above, which are incorporated herein by reference, foam filled floats are warranted to be free against manufacturing defects in workmanship and material for 15 years from the date of their original purchase, except for products 14029 & 14030 which have a limited warranty of 8 years from the date of their original purchase. This warranty covers the floatation of the float when used for its intended residential use and purpose, under exposure to normal wind, weather and water conditions. It does not cover the exclusions listed, without limitation, in the “EXCLUSIONS” section of this warranty. Any floats which is determined to be defective shall be replaced or reimbursed under the above warranty at Multinautic’s discretion. The value of replacement will be calculated in function of the remaining lifespan warranty of the product at the time of the claim and calculated from the date of the original purchase of the product.

3-year warranty on winches

Multinautic warrants that its winches are free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover wear and tear nor rust due to normal use or the exclusions described, without limitation, in the “EXCLUSIONS” section of this warranty.

General informations

Multinautic reserves the right to remove or modify, without warning, any product from its catalog, its website or any publications relating to its products, whether in terms of color, type of material or size. Multinautic makes no warranty with respect to the information contained therein or the availability of the products, their components or spare parts. The dimensions or sizes presented may differ depending on manufacturing processes and engineering tolerances. In addition, errors may inadvertently creep in when editing the website or any other publication to inform you and Multinautic will not assume any costs related to specifications given unless a written confirmation following a specific request.

Information on intellectual property

The information in this catalog and on Multinautic’s website is intended for authorized distributors of Multinautic to promote its products. Multinautic owns and reserves the intellectual rights of graphic and informational material found on its website and in all its promotional material and no one has the right in whole or in part to reproduce, copy, translate, distribute, republish or retransmit any information or image without the express written consent of Multinautic.

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